Rest areas on the motorway but also Restaurants, Hotels and shopping centers, situated directly at a motorway exit, in industrial zones or areas of energy providers with intense traffic are particularly suitable for the installation of fast charging stations for EVs. Should you be interested, as operator of such a site, in attracting clients driving electric vehicles, without investing in high power fast chargers yourself, then GOFAST represents the ideal solution: we take over the investments, the construction and the operation as well as the risks and settle our cooperation with a long term contract. Submit right away a proposal for your site and contact us for a meeting.

Marco Piffaretti

Marco Piffaretti
Chairman of the board
GOtthard FASTcharge Ltd
M +41 79 620 30 28

Domenic Lanz

Domenic Lanz
CEO / Geschäftsführer
GOtthard FASTcharge AG
M +41 77 903 61 79

Milton Barella

Milton Barella
Business development
for power utilities
M +41 76 200 53 53


If you dispose of an appropriate site and a sufficient surface for at least 2 cars as well as a connection between 100 and 200kW, it would be worthwhile for your firm to invest in a super fast charging station. We can offer you installations from CHF 60'000 on. We invite you to submit your ideas during a personal discussion.

Alexander Jochum

Alexander Jochum
Head of Sales
T +41 41 260 88 38


You drive long distances with an electric vehicle and intend to proceed as fast as possible. At the GOFAST charging stations you can charge up to 100 km in 10 minutes. The first GOFAST super fast charging station is now operating. The inauguration has been held on August 9, 2016.
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Your electric vehicle can be quickly and easily charged through the swisscharge.ch access and payment system. You may simply register here and download the swisscharge.ch App. Thanks to Hubject's e-roaming, GOFAST charging is also available to non-members.

WHO IS BEHIND GOtthard FASTcharge Ltd ?

The GOtthard FASTcharge Ltd is a Swiss company with the mission to create a network of „Superchargers for everybody“. That is a high performance charging infrastructure where an electric vehicle can recharge up to 100 km range in 10 minutes. This is the reason why we named our company as the most important Swiss massif for European traffic innovations. GOFAST was founded by :

Unique expertise in 3 areas:

Protoscar Ltd

Protoscar is a company based in Ticino with 30 years of pioneer experience in the field of electric vehicles. The knowledge gained with the installation of over 100 charging stations (RiParTI charging network, Mendrisio pilot project for EVs) as well as with international projects (ChargeLounge) represents an advantage for the cooperating partners of GOtthard FASTcharge Ltd.


The engineers of EVTEC Ltd, with headquarters in the Canton of Lucerne, provide the detailed technical knowledge for specific electronics for electric vehicles. After the introduction of the first 20kW fast chargers in Switzerland (EVITE charging net) the charging capacity of EVTEC's fast chargers amounts up to 210kW, so four modern electric vehicles can charge simultaneously with direct or alternating current. Further spheres of activity of EVTEC's engineers include the optimization of the utilization of the grid (buffer batteries) and the communication between vehicle and battery chargers.

Energie 360°

Energie 360°, with around 220 employees, is committed to the forward-oriented use of energy. With environmentally-friendly energy sources, tailored energy services and smart innovations, we work with our customers to develop concrete steps on the way to a sensible energy future. Energie 360° is owned by the government of the city of Zurich.


Electric vehicles of the next generation absolutely require 150kW-charging stations. The conventional car manufacturers will launch electric vehicles with larger batteries (60kWh-100kWh), like Tesla did with their models S and X. This is what the new CEO of VW also believes. Tesla demonstrates this with the Supercharger: additional fast chargers are constantly installed at each location, in order to avoid waiting times (see link). Nowadays Tesla installs 8 to 14 charging stations at each location (see link).

GOFAST takes up the challenge:
A single GOFAST location can also recharge 8 electric vehicles simultaneously. In addition, it can be expanded with its modular system. The 150kW chargers allow the recharging of 100km of additional range in only 10 minutes. The present 50kW charging stations will therefore be obsolete as of 2018: they require half an hour for recharging the same range.

All present electric vehicles already capable of charging between 40 and 70kW (KIA, Hyundai) can of course charge at the GOFAST stations ... several simultaneously!




Ready for electric vehicles of next generation
• The fastest charging time of each electric vehicle is exploited.
• As standard it offers two connections at alternating current (AC) up to 65kW and two direct current connections (COMBO2 and CHAdeMO) with up to 150kW.
• Requirements for higher connections can be met. Charging Voltage up to 920V is already being tested.

Universal access and payment system
The electric vehicle driver may pay:
• at the shop of the rest area by cash or credit cards, or
• at the charging station with swisscharge.ch, payment through App, RFID-card (swisscharge.ch or Hubject e-roaming) or credit card.

100% compatible with EVite and advices by ASTRA
• Already satisfies recommendations for the future (more than 50kW charging power).
• Guaranteed 100% local, renewable energy.


Simple installation
• Installation of the topped charging stations using preassembled modules.
• Minimum digging necessary.

Modular assembly, easily extended
• Charging stations “espresso&charge” (as a rule 1 to 4).
• Charging spaces (as a rule 2 to 8).
• Charging power (= number of power modules: from 6 to 15 per station).
• Number of buffer batteries (as a rule from 0 to 4 16kWh-batteries).

Reduced dimensions and optimized connection power
• For 2 charging spaces: 28m2 (2 parking places + fast battery chargers) and a connection to the grid of 100 to 200kW.
• For 8 charging spaces: only 150m2 and a connection to the grid of up to 800kW, that can be reduced to 400kW by using a buffer battery.

Personalized contracts for site partners
• The duration will be adapted to current concessions.
• Terms of agreement: variable (remaining length of concession + preferential right).
• Local power supplier may agree upon profit sharing.
• No requirement of minimum number of charging places.


GOFAST guarantees 100% local and renewable electricity for each of their charging stations. Switzerland pays each month more than 1 billion francs for oil products: electric mobility can and must help to replace fossil energy sources through local hydro and photovoltaic power. Thus, driving cars will not only be clean and eliminate CO2 but will also contribute to retrieve added value for Switzerland.
Learn more on „Why we must reduce the dependence on petroleum and natural gas“.


1. How fast can I charge at a GOFAST station?
Almost all modern electric vehicles (as well as Plugin-Hybrids such as the Mitsubishi Outlander) are equipped with either a CHAdeMO or COMBO2 fast charging connection (either current or optional). Only the Renault ZOE can, as sole series electric vehicle, be fast charged with alternate current (AC, 22 or 43kW). GOFAST charging stations offer the maximum charging speed to all electric vehicles. The limit is defined by the car and its battery (temperature), not by the GOFAST charging station. Normally nowadays electric vehicles can accept between 40kW and 70kW (KIA Soul). This means charging speed of 20 to 40 minutes for additional 100 Km of range. In 2018 Audi will bring on the market its "Q6 E-Tron QUATTRO", the first car capable of charging with a power of 150kW. At a GOFAST station this vehicle will charge 100 km of range in only 10 minutes.

2. With which charging power can the TESLA Model S, Model X and Model 3 be charged?
Thanks to the AC-connection, all TESLA vehicles can be charged with either 11kW or 22kW, depending on how the vehicle is equipped. With the help of a CHAdeMO adapter, available on the accessories market, it is possible to charge with 50kW direct current (which means 100km autonomy in half an hour).

3. How much do I pay for a GOFAST charge?
Specific prices and offers will be defined by each location – as is normally done at conventional gas stations. However, we guarantee that at the GOFAST charging station you will pay only for energy from local renewable sources.

4. How can I pay for the GOFAST charge?
GOFAST cooperates with swisscharge.ch through which, by joining as a member, you receive a prepaid card. As an alternative you can start the charging through an app on the Smartphone and pay with credit card. swisscharge.ch is part of the Hubject eRoaming, thus also App's and RFID-cards of partners’ networks can be used for the payment (for instance with: ElectroDrive Salzburg, Enio, Vorarlberger Kraftwerke, Swisscom Managed Mobility, Energie Service Biel/Bienne, Ebee Smart Technologies, T-Systems International, GIC, Allego, VIRTA, Fortum Charge & Drive, eRoaming platform, Plugsurfing, TheNewMotion, Heldele, Bosch Software Innovations, CleanCharge, has.to.be, Belectric Drive, EnBW, RWE, Wien Energie and ROUTE220). On some rest areas on the motorway it will be possible to pay also at the shop, by cash.

5. How many GOFAST locations are foreseen?
To start with, 150 locations have been planned. At least 2 charging spaces will be available at each location; depending on demand these can easily be extended to 8.

6. As of when will the GOFAST charging network be available for the users?
The opening of the first 150kW-charging station has been installed August, 2016 on the Swiss A2 (Gotthard motorway rest aera Stalvedro). A dozen additional locations will be built by the end of the year. A total of around 50 GOFAST locations are planned over the next few years. GOFAST is interested in cooperating with strategically well-situated location partners to encourage a rapid expansion of the charging network.

7. Can I invest in GOFAST?
Financing is already planned for the initial phase of construction. Later on there might be further financing opportunities for which interested investors might register.


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